Some Tips On Avoiding The Trials Of A Wedding Day

The special day where you legally bind yourself to your significant other amidst acclamations from your peers and blood relations is day where almost everyone dreams of having as a perfect and wonderful day. But for those who have already gone through the ordeal would know that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding day, ever. Even the smallest mistake can become marginally embossed for you on a day that you want to be happy and have everything in order. Here are some of the more common mistakes by the blushing brides that will end up creating a butterfly effect.● Not putting your guests comfort into priority list
While your friends and family will go through a battlefield to see you two put on rings and have a happy time, it cannot be said for the rest of guests who are somewhat marginally connected to you and are making time and effort to attend your wedding out of courtesy and well wishes.
Make sure that the venue is not too far off from where the majority lives and also be sure to provide transport and enough parking spaces for all those who are driving.
● The wedding planner
This job has even gone out to the Hollywood theatre with movies and books about how to be a wedding planner and how to be a bad wedding planner. But most of the brides go for a day hire or a week before hire instead of keeping a planner throughout the whole ceremony. While this could most likely be due to the high cost of hiring one, it is still a mandatory position to be present next to you the day before your wedding as it is the twenty four hours of errors and mistakes. Most of the brides end up sorting out orders, spreadsheets and sitting orders instead of being with family on the last hours of being single.
● The wedding car
One of the more important notions of a wedding ceremony is the car you two will use to drive off into the sunset. While most people go for a limousine or a even fancier hummer limo there are some who do not have that luxury. In those cases make sure to have a regular car all pimped up to go for giggles and laughs instead of admiration and envy from the crowd.
Whether going for a Dubai hummer limo or a fancy looking regular car, make sure to keep the driver posted of the exact timing and keep a secondary person in touch to get everything sorted at the end of the ceremony.
While a wedding ceremony s a happy occasion, there is a lot of thought and effort to make it seem as smooth as possible for those in the audience. So make sure to double and triple check everything and keep a friend as an assistant for you the day before and after the wedding.