How To Decide The Laundry Room Location Of The House

Most people struggle when it comes to deciding where to put the laundry room. Some don’t even have a laundry room they simply dump the washing machine in the corner of the dining or bathroom and use. There are many complications when you don’t place your washing machine or the laundry room in the correct location. There are few things to consider when you decide where to put the laundry room. First of all having a separate area to do laundry is very important. Mainly because if you have small children you can keep the detergents and washing powder out of their reach by simply locking them in the laundry room or the cupboard.
How often do you do laundry?
Where you place the laundry room or the washing machine depends on how often you do laundry. If you are doing laundry on a daily basis you need to have a separate area to keep all the washing items and not to be disturbed. For example if you do laundry everyday and if your washing machine is in the bathroom this can be a quite a hassle to go to the bathroom and get the laundry and to do the folding of cloths and ironing. Same if you keep the washing machine in the kitchen UAE. It can be quite disturbing. This is okay of you are doing laundry once a week or less often. Then it is quite convenient to keep it in a room where you hang out the most so doing laundry won’t feel like a chorus.
How big is the machine?
The size of the washing machine also counts when you select a area to keep it. If the washing machine is large and it has a two parts and it comes with the separate dryer, then keeping it in the kitchen is not a good idea. Because bathroom and dining area are already packed with other appliances and a huge washing machine will just get in the way. If this is the case you need to prepare a separate laundry room in a corner of the house where the washing machine will not block any space.
Where the electrical outlets are?
Unlike other equipment washing machine requires quite lot of power. If you keep this in a room where there are several other appliances are already plugged in, it may damage the washing machine. So based on the size and the power requirement of the machine you need to decide which room is the best to put it. If you are arranging a laundry room, make sure there is a safe working electrical outlet available.