Hosting A Christmas Charity Event

Although Christmas is meant to be a time of giving and sharing, most people today celebrate it in a manner that could not be further from its original meaning. Christmas has become an event of over spending, over eating and drunkenness without as much as a thought for anyone else. Sadly, Christmas and thanksgiving seasons record the highest numbers of animals slaughtered in the name of events that were intended to be about giving thanks for life, peace, love and harmony. The sight of a family sitting around a table that has a dead turkey as a center piece surrounded by expensive food and wine represents the opposite of what Christmas is all about. Choose to host a Christmas that caused no pain to any being by hosting a vegan Christmas. In addition to hosting a cruelty free Christmas, there are many other thing you can do to uphold the true meaning of Christmas. One example of this is to choose to host a simple Christmas for your family as opposed to the expensive one you would traditionally hold and spend the money you would otherwise save on giving the less fortunate a better Christmas.
Christmas party for those who deserve it
Children in orphanages and children’s homes rarely ever experience even one hundredth of the privileges our children experience during Christmas. Teach your children to be humble and involve them in hosting a Christmas part for less fortunate children. The most important aspect of your Christmas party would be the food you provide. These children rarely see anything better than the basic meals they are given every day. In addition to the food, provide the children with fun party activities such as party games, face painting for parties and goody bags.
Think about the kind of food you would provide guests at your own children’s birthday parties and provide something similar. As mentioned above, make the food you are serving vegan as opposed to food that would otherwise have resulted from cruelty to another being. It would not make sense to be kind to one being while harming another. Choose fun food like vegan cupcakes, cookies and colourful sandwiches that are guaranteed to amuse these kids.
When hiring a person that does face painting for parties make sure that the paints that are being used are non-toxic and high quality. Alternatively, you may purchase the paints and do the face painting yourself.
Sadly today, Christmas has become least of all about God, peace or love and more about slaughter in the name of God. Millions of turkeys lose their lives during Christmas every year. However, it is comforting to know that the younger generation is changing the world rapidly with veganism on the rise and many youngsters breaking tradition by hosting vegan Christmases and therefore, peaceful Christmases for their older family members. Choose to be different this year.