Doing Your Wedding At A Discount

Having a wedding today in this contemporary society means that you need to save up at least two paychecks in a western country, while you have to save up half your life’s salaries in the Asian region. It is an expensive activity if you plan on entertaining more than enough share of people for one day just for the sake of their views on you. While it is not a bad idea if you want to have your fairytale dream day by saving money, there are some who take alternative routes; like the couple who ran off to Alaska to enjoy their honeymoon with wedding money who took breathtaking photos and created lifelong memories.
1. The ring is not the main point
While there is an old saying about girls and diamonds, it is not the case today. Diamonds are hard to afford and at times you get duped. Talk with your significant other, and in most cases they do not want you spending all your earning for a stone that is only a single colour.
Go for alternative stones or just metal with a cool design from his or her favourite movie or drama. This will show your sentiment better than a clear cut diamond someone else will also be wearing.
2. The dress and suit
Renting bridal dresses and tuxedos are the best if you are not planning on keeping it tucked away at a corner somewhere after the big day, you will not get to wear it again unless for Halloween or giving it away to your daughter.
If you are a sentimental person and would like to keep the dress you wore on your big day, try second hand dresses. In most cases the bridal dresses were worn for a couple of hours or a single day.
3. Cut costs on the ceremony
The venue, food, entertainment and the number of guests can be cut down to hold up only your most important people. You do not have to invite one hundred and fifty people who will eat twice their weight and then dance away.
Limiting it to important people is the best bet as you will keep hanging onto them in your life and also the memories you will remember ten years down the road will be of them.
The big day of your life does not have to drain your finances to the point where the life after the big day is limited to noodle packets. Go for a good budget and cut costs on propaganda that will not be worth it ten years from that day.