Court Interpreters – Everything You Need To Know

Interpreters and translators work in various work environments including law enforcement and specifically in the courtroom. The primary duty of such linguists is to convert speech or sign language to the common tongue of the courtroom. This will be very useful when witness or any other important individual is not fluent in the native language. The interpreter is also responsible for interpreting various legal documents into readable and understandable material. If you are interested in the career, here is what you need to know.


Even though the employers will require a college degree from a potential interpreter, there can exceptions if the individual can is multilingual and is fluent in efficient in speaking multiple foreign languages. Nevertheless, it is best to have a degree to increase your chances of getting employed. You could either do a law major or even a language major. You will also need to be formally trained in interpretation and translation procedures have to be highly familiar with courtroom terminology.


This is the most important requirement and thereby will be the deciding factor in the recruitment process. The legal translator will be connected to the client with headphones & microphone through a wireless connection system. The client will be equipped with similar technology. Once the client speaks to the microphone, the interpreter translated the speech into the common tongue for the benefit of other individuals in the courtroom. The interpreter must translate the speech after each sentence is completed.

Sight Reading

Sight reading refers to the practice of reading a document out loud in a language that is different from the one that it is written in. This service is required of a legal translator Dubai when documents such as evidence submissions and written testimonials are submitted in a language that is different to the native tongue of the courtroom. This is must be one of the core skills of the interpreter since it is does quite often during trials.


According to recent research done on labor statistics, these translators earn a reasonable amount of income on an annual basis. Even though the entry-level pay is not much, the individual will be able to earn a higher salary with time and experience. The pay also depends on the certain other factors as well. For instance, interpreters who can speak multiple languages and have license and certification are likely to earn higher salaries.

It has also been found that this job has a guaranteed future in the field of law enforcement with a job growth rate of 42%.