Commence Your Business In One Of These 3 Free Trade Zones In UAE

If you’re a businessman looking for an investment opportunity, you are in for some news. You now have the choice of starting up a new venture in United Arab Emirates. There are many options for you to choose from. Of the many locations you have the opportunity to establish your business in any of the free trade zones in UAE. If you are planning to set up the business in UAE, you may need to clarify information regarding property, rules and regulations, licenses etc. There are many reliable websites, which offer free consultancy services to enquire about the procedures of starting a business. These services are highly recommended for businessmen, before planning to invest in a new trade.

You will be able to examine a number of great options and have the benefit of being assisted step-by-step. The businesses in the free trade zone in UAE are granted many advantages such as obtaining general licenses, providing warehouse facilities, visa for shareholders, exemption from taxes and many more. However, these options and benefits from one zone to another. Some of the free trade zones in UAE are listed below:

Creative city

Also known as the Fujairah freezone, is a trade zone especially for media and communication sectors. If you are planning to set up a consultancy agency, a business in the field on design, etc. there are certain requirements and benefits in this free trade zone. These include granting access to the free trade zone business center in Dubai, for UAE nationals NOC is not required, you aren’t required to do an annual audit, pay a share capital, while the license is given only to six shareholders.Meydan free trade zone

As an expat, you have the option of investing in this freezone with a complete ownership of the business. The taxes are relived for 50 years, for both personal and corporate taxes. There’s a complete guarantee of returning 100 percent of the capital back to your country. Of all the free trade zones Meydan is the most minimum expensive in Dubai. Suitable for businessman interested in setting up freelancing and small ventures available with only flexi-desks. The three licenses granted are for consulting, commercial and media.


The Ajman free trade zone is situated close to Dubai and Sharjah. It is an access point to both the international airports. Businessmen who wish to establish small or medium scales companies have the opportunity to invest.

The benefits of investing in this free trade zone is due to the exemptions for import and export duties, has the least tariff, 40 years of tax free and customs free opportunities, accessibility to a large work force is available and many more. The licenses are issued for trading, industries and businesses. Property, offices, and warehouses are offered in this zone.

These are some of the main benefits and offers you can gain, by investing in the free trade zones in UAE.