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Having a wedding today in this contemporary society means that you need to save up at least two paychecks in a western country, while you have to save up half your life’s salaries in the Asian region. It is an expensive activity if you plan on entertaining more than enough share of people for one day just for the sake of their views on you. While it is not a bad idea if you want to have your fairytale dream day by saving money, there are some who take alternative routes; like the couple who ran off to Alaska to enjoy their honeymoon with wedding money who took breathtaking photos and created lifelong memories.
1. The ring is not the main point
While there is an old saying about girls and diamonds, it is not the case today. Diamonds are hard to afford and at times you get duped. Talk with your significant other, and in most cases they do not want you spending all your earning for a stone that is only a single colour.
Go for alternative stones or just metal with a cool design from his or her favourite movie or drama. This will show your sentiment better than a clear cut diamond someone else will also be wearing.
2. The dress and suit
Renting bridal dresses and tuxedos are the best if you are not planning on keeping it tucked away at a corner somewhere after the big day, you will not get to wear it again unless for Halloween or giving it away to your daughter.
If you are a sentimental person and would like to keep the dress you wore on your big day, try second hand dresses. In most cases the bridal dresses were worn for a couple of hours or a single day.
3. Cut costs on the ceremony
The venue, food, entertainment and the number of guests can be cut down to hold up only your most important people. You do not have to invite one hundred and fifty people who will eat twice their weight and then dance away.
Limiting it to important people is the best bet as you will keep hanging onto them in your life and also the memories you will remember ten years down the road will be of them.
The big day of your life does not have to drain your finances to the point where the life after the big day is limited to noodle packets. Go for a good budget and cut costs on propaganda that will not be worth it ten years from that day.

Mothers are the most loving, kind and nurturing types of people you will ever meet and they truly deserve to be celebrated on a specific day just for the sacrifices they made and all the poopy diapers they changed. Even if you’re forty and have your kids, take the day to celebrate being a mother and having a mother to look up to growing up.

Flowers are the ultimate way to a woman’s heart and nothing says ‘I love you and thank you for carrying me around in your tummy for nine months even when you had sore feet and morning sickness’ like a fresh bouquet of her favorite kinds of flowers.

Jewellery is always a yes when it comes to women. Well, your mother will definitely be so grateful and she may even shed a tear if you buy her a sweet dainty necklace or rose gold watch to wear. Women are beautiful people inside and out and nothing reflects a woman more than some nice jewellery. It also doesn’t hurt to know the fact that around ninety five percent of your life has in it, women who loves sparkles and glitter.

If the majority of your childhood was spent making cookies with your mother in the kitchen then it’s obvious that she maybe a little bit of a culinary fanatic so what’s a better way to show that you pay attention to her and her love for things than gifting her some kitchenware. If you’ve been a good daughter and you really do pay attention to the things your mother says, you may even remember some of the appliances she raves on about.

Whether your five years old or twenty eight years old, its never not appropriate to gift your mother things you created. If you’re not a toddler then I do not suggest a piece of paper with ‘I love you’ scribbled on it but if you have a knack for creating things such as painting or you like to knit from time to time, make her something super cute to show her your love for her.

This idea is quite quirky but super fun and here digital printing in Dubai is the way to go. You could make her a customized t-shirt that says something sweet like ‘best mom in the world’. You can give this idea a try if you’re five or forty.

If the digital printing idea is not your cup of tea, another great gift idea would be a fully funded spa day. The two of your could do this activity together and every mother deserves to be treated like a queen every day but since that doesn’t always happen, mother’s day is your ultimate go to day to make her feel special.

With the help of these ideas and tips, you will have your mother completely surprised and awed.

The success and excitement of a party entirely depends on how well it is planned and executed. There are several things that you will have to follow in order to organize a wonderful theme-based party. Is it so simple? Well, obviously not, but it is also not that much complicated too. Some tips for the novice who has never planned a theme party:
Decide a theme first
The first rule of a theme party is to decide a theme that can entice all the gathering. The theme should be based on the most popular hobby, choice or anything that can be really alluring. A boy’s party and a girl’s theme party has plethora of uncommon things, while few things are quite common.
Invite the guests
Have you decided the number of prospective guests that are attending the party? If not then start preparing a list and then start inviting them through invitation cards or emails. Also, don’t forget to mention the theme of the party. You might also require asking their t-shirt size so that you can hire t shirt or uniform suppliers in UAE to prepare customized and theme based dresses.
How about the decoration?
For a theme party, the decoration is very crucial and you might need to spend a bulk amount on that. Hire professionals who can supply you the entire theme based party requirements. At the same time, you will need to dress up according to the theme as hire t shirt suppliers to manufacture theme based dresses. The party becomes more vibrant and engaging if the entire gathering comes in a specific outfit.
Prepare theme based invitation cards
Theme based invitation card can be a wonderful addition for such a party.
Hire something for entertainment
What can he added to spice up the thrill of the party? Kid’s specific theme party has plenty of entertainment ideas like jumping castle, magic show, game shows, etc. While for adults live band performance or live dance program can be a good option undoubtedly. However, these additions can only be done if you have a big budget.
Decide some good food
The catering service or food suppliers should be also hired to prepare foods based on the theme. They should also be in specific attire in the party to serve the foods. Including bbqs in a party is one of the best ways to impress the guests. Also, take care of proper hospitality and comfort of the guests.
There are so many areas where you need to have intense supervision in order to make the party a successful one. Plan in advance so that you can get best venue and catering service, even though it is a peak season like Christmas or New Year.

Are you planning on taking your longtime crush on a date? That certainly has to be exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. The first date will say a lot about who you are, so it’s important that you make a good impression. Therefore, we will help you plan the ideal day and you can guarantee a second date will be coming your way. Let’s get started!

Cocktails and beers all the way

You haven’t had the opportunity to get to know this person well enough, so play it safe and suggest a quiet night of cocktails and background jazz music. You can’t go wrong with that; who doesn’t love to drink and listen to a beautiful melody. The best part about this idea is that during first dates you’re most likely going to be a bit nervous. Therefore, having a few mojitos will lighten the mood and help you be a bit more comfortable. However, keep in mind not to overdo it, you don’t want to be passing out; that won’t be a very good first impression.

Take a Walk

This will genuinely turn out to be more fun than it sounds. The reason is that, most often on dates you have to dress up and most likely be in a restaurant with a bunch of other couples. Hence, you don’t get the privacy you want and you find yourself being rather stiff. Therefore, take her out for a walk to a peaceful area, where you either can sit on a bench overlooking a lake or perhaps stop for some ice cream during your walk; this will give you a better chance to get to know each other. Save the extravagant plans for later!

Make it a Triple Date

The standard plans for any date is usually to go for a movie and some dinner; this idea is getting so predictable. Hence, it’s to be more creative! Perhaps go for a music festival, take a hike or grab yourselves a few Barcelona football tickets; that would certainly be something new and turn out to be more fun than the usual dinner date. The best part about having friends around is that it takes away some of the first date jitters and allows you to let loose so that you can be yourself.

Do something out of the Ordinary

Ask your date what they would like to do and come up with something you both will enjoy. It’s certainly a very gentleman like quality to have flowers at the door step and plan a candlelit dinner, but isn’t it so much better to do something fun? You may even find that you have the same likes and dislikes; jackpot! Is she a Tom Starkes fan or rather football in general? Why not surprise her with Bayern Munich tickets or Arsenal FC tickets? Perhaps take a stroll through an aquarium; even if you experience any awkward silence, seeing the sharks will make up for that. It certainly sounds like a date to remember!

Whether you decide to do something adventurous or stay in and explore your cooking skills; there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Play video games, have some wine and listen to music, it doesn’t always have to be over the top. The first date does give you the ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling, but considering the following tips, it will certainly be the most fun.

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