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Making a good first impression is important, especially when it comes to work matters. The moment a potential client or a partner walks in to your office, especially for the first time, they will remember you and your company for what it looked like. Sometimes, how and what a company looks like can help you land a business as well as lose one. Therefore, paying extra attention to what your workplace looks like is just as important as paying attention to your work and giving your clients the best service for the money that they pay you.
What to do
Some dos when it comes organizing your workspace includes getting rid of broken and useless items that sit around making the place look messy. It is always good to get rid of such broken and useless things because those who follow Feng-Shui are of the belief that such items bring misfortune and attract financial crises and unwanted expanses.
Make sure you always consult a professional, an office fit out contractor in Dubai, when it comes to doing up the interior of the place. You are a professional company and it is important that you obtain services from professionals in this regard because they are sure to offer you the final outcome that you desire.
What an office fit out contractor does is making sure that your refurbishment takes place smoothly and effectively from conception, all the way through to completion. These firms offer a range of services ranging from plumbing services and wiring to interior designing and construction work ranging from adding a new unit to your building to demolishing and doing the place up completely.
What not to do
While the refurbishment is going on, make sure that you move out of the building and premises if possible. This will help the service provider to do the job and you also to work without any disturbances. Nevertheless, make sure that you check the progress of the project and on the same page as the servicer as to what you need. Pick a company that accommodates your requests and is open to your suggestions.
Finding the right contractor whom you can effectively communicate and get things done would be a challenge in this regard. Talk to your friends and colleagues who may have worked with such servicers before and talk to a few of them before you decide on whom you want to work with.
Going online and doing your research should also help. If you have a major refurbishment on the cards, take the time to visit construction-related trade fairs and exhibitions and talk to different service providers and suppliers about your requirements and plans.

Tourism is an ever growing sector with new things to do, new adventures being added to guide books, unique things to eat and other things that can be classified into the theme your prefer. When exploring a new destination it is hard to figure out whether you want to take a walk to take your time, or go on the internet and decide on a few places and hail a taxi. In order to solve this confusing scenario of first timers on new places, the Abu Dhabi city tours were introduced. The tours typically have different time slots, areas where you can go and the preference of a tour guide.Going with the crowd
You can figure out which streets have the best restaurants, which turn to take to get to the clothes shop, where you can find the cheapest bars and other important tips about the new city. Typically having a tour guide is good for getting information and titbits, and they are especially necessary in a country where the main language is not English. Usually city tour packages are arranged in a way for you to select which places you would like to go on to see first.
Going with the group creates an atmosphere that just makes it exciting to even find a weirdly patterned tissue during lunch. You can make new friends and find people with the same interests as you who you can hang out with during the non-tour hours.
Self investigation builds character
If you would rather not spend hours and hours in one place and do not like some aspects of the Dubai city tour packages available, then it is time to put on your walking shoes and go out that door you are not used to. Using maps, pamphlets, and books and if you are tech savvy, going for smartphone applications and internet will guide you through most of the unknowns of a new place. There are materials dedicated, and extremely helpful, for travellers who take one person tours and you will not be hampered by places you find boring or deal with the group.
There are tours that can be arranged for a single person, guide or no guide, that will sometimes provide coupons or free materials to help you figure out the landscape. When you are booking the package, be sure to specify how you would like to go about the area and always keep someone updated on your whereabouts.
City tours are available in a variety of settings like whether you would walk, take a bus or even go for local transport and which areas you would like to check out first and during which time of day. They are helpful for first timers uneasy about going around the city on their own.

When selecting an interior designer to design your home or your company, there are certain points that one should keep at the back of their minds in order to select the best and the most affordable one available.

Observing and getting recommendations

One should always be open for recommendation. If any of your family or friends built or refurbished any of their real estate, ask them details of the process and try to get the information of who did the interior designing in that project and how it turned out to be. Getting such recommendations from known people will allow you to get to know both the pros and the cons of a certain interior designer or a particular interior design company. Always be in the lookout of reviews of such individuals and companies. Do your research and get as much as information as possible about them. Call them up and ask for details. Ask if you could visit any of their recent projects. If they agree, then make it a point to visit these sites and observe the details of those projects. Once you get to know much as information as possible, then compare the information of each individual or fit out company and select the one which you like the best.

Approaching the designer of your choice

Before you schedule a meeting with the specific interior designer you have in mind or with a representative of the interior design company you have chosen, write down a list of all the preferences you have in mind regarding the designs that are to be created. Having a proper idea of what exactly you have in mind will be beneficial to both the designer and you as there will be a clear understanding between both the parties. Most often miscommunication between the clients and the designers results in unbiased decisions being made by either party. These types of misunderstandings can be avoided from initial stages if you Cleary state the preferences you have in mind to the designer. Therefore he or she will be able to create their designs on based on your preferences. If by chance you do not like the design concepts offered to you they are not taking your preferences into consideration, you shouldn’t think twice about consulting another designer instead.

This is because it is you who is investing a large amount of money for the designing of your home or work place, therefore you should have the liberty to select a designer that adheres to your needs as well as being able to make technical decisions. Therefore it is very important to take your time, do research and select the best interior designer to your liking.

Modernizing and renovating the components of the house are obviously the major tasks that should be considered by all house owners. However, the most important plan is to add some eye-catching colors. The first impression of any building, especially the corporate house is more important than everything else. So, hire licensed painters, who can give several advantages-
Quality work finished within time- All home painting services present you with knowledgeable painters, and such painters are also skilled in their work and have significant experience. It indicates that the painting task they will carry out will surely be of the best quality. Each of the strokes from the paint brush will increase the loveliness of the home.
The specialized painting services Dubai generally work very fast. Moreover, they have the ability of ending their jobs in good time. It means that they will allow no delay in any of your painting job. This is particularly advantageous, if you like to get the building painted with hurry.
Relaxed setting- While you appoint a painter from any reputed company you do not need to take pressure. It is as such the painter is skilled to manage all kinds of circumstances. If you carry out the task yourself, then you will always have stress.
Low maintenance- The job of painting done by your hired house painting experts is truly long lasting. In other words, the cost of maintenance for the painting will generally become reduced. It helps to save loads of money.
Licensed painters- Most of the painters dealing with the home painting services are completely insured for all possible losses, which is caused only by his own action. It gives an extra credibility as well as security to the work being completed.
Warranties- While you appoint a proficient service to paint your house, they can offer you a warranty. Such warranty generally lasts for about three to seven years. And, during this phase, if the house paint gets damaged, the service provider will coat the house once more.
Find estimates- Prior to beginning the work, the service provide will present you a free estimation on how much sum will it need to get the task completed. In some cases, they may also assist you to reduce some cost while having the preferred results.
Reasonable price- The better quality painting offered by a well known house painting professionals usually want the reasonable charge. There are various types of deals in order to suit the customers with various budgets.
So, never do the painting works all alone; depend on the professionals.

A marriage is that time in a person’s life, where a lot of festivities and celebrations are going to take place. People decide to spend quite a bit of money with regard to the preparations, especially the catering, decoration and the bridal attires. However, people are always looking to take additional effort in order to make sure that the guests are made to feel extremely welcome and pampered to no end.
Theme ideas to introduce an extra bit of excitement
A recent trend that is being seen nowadays is that people are becoming extremely enthusiastic about theme marriages. It can be defined to be something that is a deviation from the normal methods of celebration and revelry. That is why, wedding kosha has become extremely popular with the younger generation were planning of their nuptial arrangements.
A glossy setting is important for candid images
Organizing a celebration with regard to the marriage of two people is no easy exercise. However, there is a certain amount of advantage that can be derived when you choose to have a wedding kosha. All the aspects with regard to decoration and lighting will be taken care of by the professionals. The only thing that you will have to decide upon is the theme and the mood.
Perfect pink decor to adhere to the popular strategies
As far as the implementation of the strategy is concerned, it has been observed that most people, who use it, choose pink to be the relevant color. This is because they are usually guided by popular consensus and the pictures that they have seen online.
As far as the choices that he will make with regard to planning it out, you will not know unless all the arrangements have been made and implemented. However, computerization has made it extremely easy for people who will be making decisions. The wedding planners Dubai who will be coming to you with their services will have software in order to help you. They will take a picture of the location and give you various options with regard to the final results that you will be able to see. Even though they deviate slightly from the final outcome, it is more or less pretty close.
Based upon these, you can hold consultations with your family and try to narrow down upon something that will be appropriate to your celebrations. Also, you would like to ensure that everybody has seen the matter because participation is important. However, the bride and groom unlikely to have the most amount of authority with regard to taking the decision. After all, it is their day of celebration and revelry. Thus, planning a proper discussion session is absolutely mandatory to lend the occasion a sense of completeness.

A home will never be a home, unless and until you own that space. This is that little corner of your life, which makes all the difference in your life. For the first time, you will probably feel like you belong somewhere, when you will own a house. This is the kind of feeling which will be so satisfying and gratifying that you would never be able to shake it off. The kind of emotion overflowing through your body when you will live in this house you own, will almost overwhelm you. But before you can simply start living in one such house and make it your home, you need to take care of few things which are of absolute and utter importance. Link here for more information about engineering consultant company that help clients gain satisfaction towards completion of each project.

Turn your home convenient as well

This house of yours must be personalized in a way which would be convenient for you and which would make you comfortable and will be of your choice. To start with, you need to find the right things, of your choice and lace them one by one on each corner and fill this place up so that it lights up the entire room. Now, if you are trying to build a home from the very scratch, make sure that the architects and you have had a good enough talk about the way you want this home to be built. There has to be specific thoughts and choices, of yours, in the way you would want to live and that must be conveyed.

Hiring the professionals who will understand your visionaries

Now, that the reliable architects have made your dream into one big reality, hire professionals or someone you would rely on with your taste and make them decorate the house. You can also take up the responsibility if you think you are capable of that, but this is what we recommend. Because no one can make your dreams come true, like you, yourself. Anyway, even though you have hired people, make your vision crystal clear to them, so that they are aware of the minute details you want to add. The moment the entire house will be built and your addition is being added to their right places, you will feel a sense of calm in you because you can see, for the first time, possibly, your one true dream coming true in front of your own naked eyes. So, make a wish and see it come true, when everybody is working on it. Make everyone see that very dream, so they would know as to what to work on and how to do so and then see how your world would transform eventually, into perfection!

If you do not have the time and money to invest on first aid courses, do not worry, since all you need to know is the basic ABCD training. Being informed about this procedure itself makes you eligible to treat a victim in need of emergent help. But you must do proper research if you are stepping to into help someone in a serious conditions. The information listen below will enable you to help someone in a less complicated situation.


The first step is to ensure whether the individual’s airway is clear. If the patient is conscious, breathing and is responsive then their airway is clear. But if he/she is in an unconscious and unresponsive state, then your first instinct should be to check for air blocks. Open the victim’s mouth and see if it is blocked. If so, you will have to tilt their head, open the mouth and clear the content until the passage is free.


If you have been to lifeguard training courses, then you might know that this is the very first lesson taught. If the person was/is unconscious underwater, it is important to ensure proper breathing. You can look for movements in the chest to ensure breathing by moving your hands up and down the chest area. You can also move your ear closer towards their nose/mouth to see to hear their breathing. It is important to monitor the breathing of an unconscious person until the ambulance arrives.


This is one of the most common first aid treatment taught in lifeguard training courses and in many other first aid training courses. CPR is usually used on individuals who are not breathing and unconscious. The basic way is to place your hands on their chest to apply firm pressure by pushing down smoothly. To encourage breathing, clip their nostrils and blow into their mouths. The normal procedure includes 30 compressions and 2 breathings.


If available, this is yet another method to treat an unconscious individual who is not breathing. Automated external defibrillators are quicker and more effective in healing the patient. It applies an electric shock that will stabilize any irregular heart movement. Even though you may not possess one, most public places contain one. So, knowing how to use it will come in handy during an emergent situation. All you need to do is to follow the regulations on the machine.

Studying the ABCD procedure itself can be very useful. It will not only save a life, but will also reduce immediate pain and prevent severe damage.

Pakistan has always been a nation that has had a unique identity and a sacred set of values. The people of Pakistan are known for their honest opinions and transparency. Here are a few individuals from this great nation who have made a significant impact on their motherland as well as the entire world.
Malala Yousafzai
She was the most famous teenager in the world during the past few years. Malala was a simple school girl in Pakistan until she became a powerful voice for young women and the right for education. She was fearless when fighting for what she believed in even amidst extremely threatening situations.
She was felicitated as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time’s magazine and recognized with many more awards from global entities. Some of these wards include National Youth Peace Prize, Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice and an award for humanitarian work by the Harvard University.
Tariq Jameel
He is an Islamic scholar, religious leader and preacher from Pakistan who is more commonly known as Molana Tariq Jameel. He was once a medical student and later became a public speaker. He is currently one of the most prominent preaching figures in the Islamic world.
Molana Tariq Jameel is popular as a leader that is highly vocal of his disagreement with violent solutions to problems. He believes in a life of non violence and helps people attain self actualization through the ideals of Prophet Muhammad.
Shoaib Akthar
Cricket being one of the most popular sports in Pakistan, a cricketing legend seems necessary to the list of eminent Pakistanis. Akthar is known in the cricket filed for his unmatchable bowling skills. He is known as the terrorist of cricket and the pindi express because of his great skill to present his opponents with balls moving at a speed greater than 100 mph.
Imran Khan
Yet another Pakistani legend from the cricket arena; Imran Khan, is a sportsman who is recognized all over the world. He is known as the most successful individual to captain Pakistan and as a cricketer who made a great contribution toward shaping the country’s cricket team. Pakistan won its first one day international cricket world cup under his captaincy.
After bidding farewell to his cricketing career, Imran Khan entered the world of politics. He became a captain for the second time in his life by forming an independent political party under his own leadership. The popularity and skills he acquired through cricket has thus far helped him to excel in his political career.

The main reason for searching and locating a good and effective commercial real estate agent while looking for citizenship is basically for smoothing and reducing the stress in terms of the transactions of the real estate. People say that almost twenty percent of all the Real Estate agents who conduct almost eighty percent of the transactions of business hold accurate specifically in the transactions of the Commercial Real Estate. The issue comes up when you have to look for the best real estate agent who is capable of working by taking just economical brokerage fees. A good real estate agent needs to be talented personnel who listens to you, has a complete knowledge of the market and can easily present himself in a convincing manner.
What to look for in a commercial real estate agent?
The very first and the most important thing that you should look for in your commercial real estate agent who would help you in finding a Canadian permanent residency, is whether he holds a license by the associated professional bodies or not. For instance, he can hold a license from the National Association of the Realtors. The agents who are registered with these bodies are bound to follow all the code of ethics of conduct in their practices of business.
To find a good commercial real estate agent you can take referrals from the clients, friends, colleague, etc. You can inquire from the customers who are satisfied with the services of these commercial real estate agents. Efficient commercial real estate agents, who offer commercial property, satisfy the clients and also give positive suggestions to obtain permanent residency in a hassle-free way. You also need to look for agents who are serious about the needs of their customers and also who are in a position to entertain their clients on priority.
There would a lot of other resources which would lead you to good agents. Presently a number of internet websites have options of good commercial real estate agents. Most of the commercial real estate agents are listed in the online directory. Thus, you can easily find the commercial real estate agents who are located in your area only. Link here for more information about Canadian Visa that provides a way to legally enter Canada for pleasure and spend time with the family who live in Canada and to be able to work.
You can check their profiles and also experience before you consult them. Another way to hire the commercial real estate agents if by becoming a part of any open house. Meetings in these open homes are informal and are not even threatening. This you can be a part of such meetings and collect the visiting cards of the commercial real estate agents and later on contact them. However, it is always better to conduct a background research, before you finalize them.

Are you given a topic for dissertation? Don’t you know where to start and how to finish? Well, dissertation professional writing service will help you accomplish the task in an effective and perfect manner. There are many dissertation services that write, edit and proofread dissertation as per the guidelines and specifications given by the university.
Professional services are offered at each phase of the dissertation. They write and compile information properly and systematically so that you can easily get approval from the university.
All about dissertation service
• You can buy dissertation prepared and written by the most established and reputable scholars in the niche.
• Layout formatting is one important services offered by professional dissertation services. This helps thesis students a lot to deal with all aspects of writing a dissertation.
• With the right dissertation service, candidates don’t need to worry about formatting style and organization as all those are taken care of by the dedicated and qualified writers.
• The writers for hire will ask payment to be made online using credit/debit cards. You can use other means of payment, such as Paypal.
• Dissertation services are usually charged per page or chapter. Hence, the service would become expensive if you need more pages to be written or edited.
• Dissertation is the final touch of your academic work, hence it is crucial for you to bring clarity in the writing. With the right professional writing service, you can prepare the thesis and eliminate possible errors while editing.
• Dissertation writing includes structure coherence, which adds paragraph transition sentences to make the ideas stronger.
• Professionals add style and voice in a unique manner to make the dissertation exclusive while removing vague words and phrases. They include accurate and fine sentences to strengthen the style.
• The dissertation writers keep themselves up to date with their area of expertise so that they can perform writing thoroughly and properly.
A good and reliable service provider will ensure that the client is satisfied with the dissertation by proofreading the final work before submission. So, you have to think seriously about locating a reliable and reputable dissertation service. There are hundreds and thousands of service providers available in the market to choose from.
You will want to do some research, compare one another and then pick up the best and most established writing service from the bunch. Ask your friends, relatives and other acquaintances for references and recommendations. Look at online sources such as directories, forums and review sites for some relevant information on reputed writing services.
Consider some genuine customer reviews to get some idea on the kind of service you need.

The beautiful scenario of Dubai is awaiting your travel trip to this city. In day time, this city has its unique beauty with sun kissed beaches, golden sands and different adventures. But once the sun sets, the evening in Dubai is more attractive with its glam and splendour.
This is the reason why people take the evening desert safari as the must have adventure in this city. There are lots of professional companies to help you in selecting the best service as per your requirements. They will provide you with the most delicious food of barbeque and undoubtedly they will take all your responsibilities during the journey. Recommended reading this article for more details about evening desert safari in Dubai.
Some of the companies will help you in having night stay facilities during evening desert safari too, but you need to find them out with proper research. Cars are selected by the company or you can do it by yourself too. The nightfall will be a great experience for you in the new areas of desert. If you reach this city and miss the part of safari, it is assured that your trip is incomplete. So plan it first and go for it with caution and proper details.
The advantages that you can get from this desert safari are numerous. Once you have complete ideas about all these points, surely you would never think of leaving it behind. Choose any of the professional companies with the perfect qualities as described here and enjoy your tension free trip in the sands of deserts.
The benefits that you can achieve from the correct selection of companies for this purpose are here. Have a look at these benefits
• The pickup is free for you: These Companies have the facility of pick up and it is free of cost. You can never have the problem or tension of hiring another car for the purpose. When you have the facility of free pickups, it becomes too easy for you to continue the rip without any more hazards.
• Great food: The Arabian and continental foods are at your table always and the professional chefs are ready with their best recipes. Ask for any special Arabian beverage and you will remember it always for its taste.
• You can ride the buggies: Just a little amount of money more and you can enjoy the best buggy ride here. The Arabic candies, fruits, chilled water, and also unending resources of cold drinks are awaiting you.
• Outfits: The Arabic outfits, sightseeing and the belly dance are going to treat your eyes.

Travel is fun, especially if it is a global destination. But every destination you are planning to visit may not be the safest ones to be on your own. Desperate people are everywhere and they are ready to pounce on anyone who remains careless.
Foreign tourists are all the more prone to thefts, forgery and attacks since they are new to the place and are mostly clueless about what to do in a sticky situation. Here are 5 awesome tips to ensure the safety of your money, belongings and most importantly yourself during a foreign trip.
Tip #1: Keeping your money safe
Do you have the habit of keeping all your debit cards, credit cards and currency notes in a wallet? Well, that habit might be safe at home, but in an overseas journey make sure you keep them all in separate places, ideally not on yourself. If you lose your cards en route the journey it will be very difficult to get replacements, that too within the duration of your journey. Moreover, your employee travel insurance may not even indemnify the loss citing negligence as a solid reason.
Tip #2: keeping your documents safe
No matter how careful a person is, it is possible that they end up losing scraps of important stuff anywhere during the trip. Imagine losing your passports, visas and identify proofs? Avoid such a nightmare situation by keeping scanned copies of all documents, including your employee travel insurance. Have them stored in cloud storage so that you can access them from anywhere where there is internet access.
Tip #3: keeping your health safe
Before you board the flight, vaccinate yourself against contagious diseases. Also carry a rough outline of your health stats, blood group, list of allergies, etc. that will be of help in case of an emergency in the foreign country. Also make yourself aware of health precautions to stay safe form diseases that are common in your destination.
Tip #4: keeping your loved ones safe
If you are travelling with your spouse or fiancé, as a thumb rule avoid showing public display of affection. This could expose you to culprits who might want to take advantage of your delicate position. Also, ensure to have kids in your line of sight always no matter how hard they persist being on their own. Use this link to gain knowledge about other insurance services that offer unique packages to meet the unique requirements of the business.
Tip #5: keeping your belongings safe
Don’t lose your belonging by being careless. Travel light as possible as it reduces the chances of losing your luggage. A backpack is the best option since it will give you enough space to store everything. It is easy to carry and does not cost much too. Don’t forget to leave your contact details in the backpack. In case you misplace it, some good citizen might just be interested in helping you.

These days almost everyone owns a car, owning a car is not a tough task, but maintaining it certainly is. There are a number of maintenance costs when it comes to cars and not everyone is able to afford it. Also, it happens that a person, who is habituated in travelling in a car, has to let go of their possession in times of financial crisis. Besides, accidents and sudden repair requirements are other reasons why people have to part with their beloved automobile for days. What happens in such a scenario? How do you travel? How do you travel to work and back? How do you attend family functions and run errands? While most would say public transport is the answer to these questions, it is imperative to understand that we need to comply as per the timings of public transport or else we would be left behind.

Why do you need to hire a four-wheeler?

In case you are in the habit of living your life as per your own terms and conditions; If you think that travelling on public transport requires a lot of hassle. If you want to travel according to your time and your car is in the repair center, you have no option but to use public transport. However, there is another much better option; monthly car rental in Dubai services are the answer to all your woes. All you have to do is get hold of a car of your choice and rent it for the time you do not get your old car back. This way you can travel to and from work in your own comfort and as per your convenience. You get back your independence to go wherever you want in accordance to your timings rather than relying on public transport.


Being able to drive around yourself is so much better than being driven around by a cab guy. It is annoying to make the cab stop at different places to run errands, plus the driver too gets pissed off. You have the independence to travel at any time of the day. Even during the early hours of the morning or late nights, you can take along the vehicle you got hold of from the monthly car rental service. Also, during a medical emergency, the least you will have is your own automobile rather than waiting for a cab.

Other advantages

• You could plan a weekend getaway with friends in your hired 4-wheeler.

• You can travel in groups and share the money required for the service.

• You could go to remote areas as a group, as it’s always safer to travel with everyone. Plus, you have your own vehicle to return, according to your timings.

Unsatisfactory customer service is not a new phenomenon. Everyone has experienced less than satisfying customer experience. The barista who got the order wrong to the sales representative who provided incorrect information on a purchase not only causes inconvenience on a personal note but tends to disrupt the systems in place that would usually have kept the process smooth. This raises the question of whether these systems and processes are effective and garners optimum results.

More often than not, customer service failure occurs because of disconnection within departments and this is typically preventable. As a customer, a disorganized approach equals loss of credibility for the company and this can be a potential loss to the business.

The ability to provide good customer experience requires support between three crucial departments: sales, marketing and customer service. Due to complex structures, larger organizations often struggle to achieve this. The key to overcoming this is by reducing any uncertainty between the departments by establishing clear and unified goals, roles and effective communication.

Step 1: Evaluate Existing Processes

Assessing key weaknesses is the best way to begin establishing rules for improvement. This Step helps capture a holistic viewpoint of the systems and processes in place and evaluate its ability to effectively meet and even surpass customer’s expectations. A helpful method of identifying these gaps and providing an effective way of tackling them is by using a GRID survey. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of a team’s performance when working between departments. In fact, the GRID survey not only helps gauge the discrepancies but it helps identify the areas where improvement is required.

Step 2: Creating a Collaborative Culture

It is vital that leaders enable their teams to form and embrace a collaborative culture, bridging the gaps identified in Step 1. The foundation to collaboration is the development of inter-team relationships and the establishment of trust between team members. The challenges faced are especially unique as it is an on-going effort. The best way to establish a foundation of trust and encourage effective communication is through corporate team building activities. Team leaders should also clarify decision-making authority and use performance management systems to support the shared results. Collaborative tools in conjunction with regular corporate team building activities is a step towards meeting customer’s expectations of satisfactory service.

Step 3: Determine Service Level Agreements to Measure Goals

Identifying gaps and setting a foundation of collaboration will now allow the organization to begin cultivating an effective holistic process. By creating SLAs for teams within the sales, marketing, and customer service departments, team Leaders can set well-defined, timely goals. The Service Level Agreement helps describe the goals for each team and team member alike and through regular reviews, progress can be identified and feedback discussed to better the process all the more.

The use of the above steps as a framework will allow departments to function seamlessly. This in turn will result in a smoother and more satisfying experience for customers.

If you’re a businessman looking for an investment opportunity, you are in for some news. You now have the choice of starting up a new venture in United Arab Emirates. There are many options for you to choose from. Of the many locations you have the opportunity to establish your business in any of the free trade zones in UAE. If you are planning to set up the business in UAE, you may need to clarify information regarding property, rules and regulations, licenses etc. There are many reliable websites, which offer free consultancy services to enquire about the procedures of starting a business. These services are highly recommended for businessmen, before planning to invest in a new trade.

You will be able to examine a number of great options and have the benefit of being assisted step-by-step. The businesses in the free trade zone in UAE are granted many advantages such as obtaining general licenses, providing warehouse facilities, visa for shareholders, exemption from taxes and many more. However, these options and benefits from one zone to another. Some of the free trade zones in UAE are listed below:

Creative city

Also known as the Fujairah freezone, is a trade zone especially for media and communication sectors. If you are planning to set up a consultancy agency, a business in the field on design, etc. there are certain requirements and benefits in this free trade zone. These include granting access to the free trade zone business center in Dubai, for UAE nationals NOC is not required, you aren’t required to do an annual audit, pay a share capital, while the license is given only to six shareholders.Meydan free trade zone

As an expat, you have the option of investing in this freezone with a complete ownership of the business. The taxes are relived for 50 years, for both personal and corporate taxes. There’s a complete guarantee of returning 100 percent of the capital back to your country. Of all the free trade zones Meydan is the most minimum expensive in Dubai. Suitable for businessman interested in setting up freelancing and small ventures available with only flexi-desks. The three licenses granted are for consulting, commercial and media.


The Ajman free trade zone is situated close to Dubai and Sharjah. It is an access point to both the international airports. Businessmen who wish to establish small or medium scales companies have the opportunity to invest.

The benefits of investing in this free trade zone is due to the exemptions for import and export duties, has the least tariff, 40 years of tax free and customs free opportunities, accessibility to a large work force is available and many more. The licenses are issued for trading, industries and businesses. Property, offices, and warehouses are offered in this zone.

These are some of the main benefits and offers you can gain, by investing in the free trade zones in UAE.

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