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Most people struggle when it comes to deciding where to put the laundry room. Some don’t even have a laundry room they simply dump the washing machine in the corner of the dining or bathroom and use. There are many complications when you don’t place your washing machine or the laundry room in the correct location. There are few things to consider when you decide where to put the laundry room. First of all having a separate area to do laundry is very important. Mainly because if you have small children you can keep the detergents and washing powder out of their reach by simply locking them in the laundry room or the cupboard.
How often do you do laundry?
Where you place the laundry room or the washing machine depends on how often you do laundry. If you are doing laundry on a daily basis you need to have a separate area to keep all the washing items and not to be disturbed. For example if you do laundry everyday and if your washing machine is in the bathroom this can be a quite a hassle to go to the bathroom and get the laundry and to do the folding of cloths and ironing. Same if you keep the washing machine in the kitchen UAE. It can be quite disturbing. This is okay of you are doing laundry once a week or less often. Then it is quite convenient to keep it in a room where you hang out the most so doing laundry won’t feel like a chorus.
How big is the machine?
The size of the washing machine also counts when you select a area to keep it. If the washing machine is large and it has a two parts and it comes with the separate dryer, then keeping it in the kitchen is not a good idea. Because bathroom and dining area are already packed with other appliances and a huge washing machine will just get in the way. If this is the case you need to prepare a separate laundry room in a corner of the house where the washing machine will not block any space.
Where the electrical outlets are?
Unlike other equipment washing machine requires quite lot of power. If you keep this in a room where there are several other appliances are already plugged in, it may damage the washing machine. So based on the size and the power requirement of the machine you need to decide which room is the best to put it. If you are arranging a laundry room, make sure there is a safe working electrical outlet available.

With the tough economic times people are currently facing, most people cannot afford to buy a house for their own. Therefore sharing a house, renting an apartment or buying a condo has become a very popular option that people tend to go for in order to address their housing issues. For example, if you are with a family, it is better to look for an apartment with at least 2 bedrooms.
You should decide which option to go for. Whether it is going to be an apartment with 2 bedroom for rent or a condo. If you go through classifieds and other searching materials you would be able to find one of those two fairly easily.

Pros of renting
Flexibility: it is the option of selecting a short term or long term lease, whether it’s for a 2 bedroom for rent or other. While some apartment’s owners will allow you to pay the rent on monthly basis.
Lower upfront cost: It will cost you a lot less to rent out an apartment than choosing to buy a condo.
No maintenance: when you are renting and accidentally breaks something, it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of it.
Cons of renting
Rent amount: with time, owners might raise your rent to cover other expenses or because of the higher rental cost.
Less stability: when you choose to rent, you don’t have any control on renewing the contract. If the owners decided not to renew the contract, you have to move on to a different place.
Pros of buying a condo
Payments: unlike rents, the monthly payment you have to do would not increase after the loan is taken.
Affordability: compared to a buying a house, purchasing a condo is much cheaper. Choosing a condo is a great first step if you are planning to have a home ownership.

Maintenance: condo homeowner’s group generally takes care of big messes like broken furnace, leaky roof and outdoor maintenance.
Cons of buying a condo
Association fee: once you purchased a condo, you automatically become a partner in that shared community. Therefore you have to take part in those activities. They will be asked you to pay a certain amount on monthly basis.
Challenging to sell: the down side is that a condo does not own any land. Therefore condos has a fairly low market price compared with single-family houses.
So before you decide which option you should go with, make sure you analyse all of the above mentioned pros and cons.

Amongst many countries in the world, Dubai is a rising commercial destination that has a very high potential for businessmen. Although it quite geographically small, its resources are extremely modernized and therefore present to be highly convenient for the business visitors. Not only does it have a good economy, but it is also in a convenient and accessible location for international trade too. If you are planning to start a business in the city, here is why you should do so.

Foreign Trade

Dubai’s foreign trade is one of its biggest strengths. It is a main pillar and a driving force of their local economy. As you may know, it is one of the very few countries that are blessed with natural oil resources. Since oil is scarce and has high demand, Dubai has the opportunity to exploit the situation for its advantage. It has created various treaties and organizations to ensure that it has strong allies as well as faithful customers.Competitive Market

Dubai is not the only destination that has good resources. Although this can present various issues for the city, it does not. This is because Dubai has tackled the problem very efficiently through excellent marketing strategies and by setting very competitive prices. Whether it is ordinary organizations or the freezone companies in Dubai, all of them have created a strong customer base that has enabled them to experience profitable revenue flows.

Government Support

The government of Dubai has been a motivating factor for all its businessmen. Since a great part of Dubai’s economy depends on its commercial and business sector, the government has to ensure that it gets all the necessary resources to make profits. The contribution towards the GDP has encouraged the government authorities to promote and help out government sector organizations, freezone companies as well as private industries. Moreover, the government also has the responsibility to financially fund start-up companies that are willing to contribute towards the economy.


Starting a business in Dubai will not only give you good profits, but it will also expose you to various beneficial business opportunities. For example, it holds various conferences and exhibitions for the business sector on an annual basis. This not only gives you the opportunity to present and promote your products, but will also help you to make useful business contacts. This way, you can promote and make friends without having to spend too much money from your side.

As you can see, this venture will help you to grow as a business professional and create a longstanding and profitable business organization.

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