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If starting a business operation in your own country is too expensive, the best option would be to take it to some other part of the world which is more conducive and welcoming in terms of the facilities, infrastructure offered and the labour present.

Since the late 80s, freezone companies in Dubai have become rapidly popular in all parts of the world alike with more investors moving from developed countries to ‘tax havens’ to set up their businesses. Particularly countries in Asia benefitted from this significantly where the problem of unemployment in a lot of countries including Maldives, Bangladesh and even India was significantly reduced due to this.

With more youth being employed, the governments of these countries saw that one of their most crucial problems being solved and in order to retain the freezone companies that generate thousands of jobs, governments introduced flexible tax and other related law and regulations so that while the existing businesses with remain in the country, more investors would come in and invest more as a result.

This strategy however worked for most countries until in some places unforeseen events such as ethnic tensions made conditions rocky for the investors as the governments failed to assure security for the facilities and the investments that they’ve made. Due to this, some investors pulled out from countries and had to face severe losses in the process.

On the other hand, due to the economic crises in the US and Europe, most investors had to terminate their businesses because their clientele’s purchasing power was affected by the unfavourable conditions. Many lost their jobs and the governments were burdened with the task of assuring financial security to those who lost their jobs. However, as the west has recovered from its crises, more and more investors are seen taking a keen interest on countries like Sri Lanka where the government actively encourages FDI and is also making substantial investments in this regard such as building ports and highways and restoring the road systems, facilitating convenient access to all parts of the country.

With the workforce being highly efficient and literate, the island stands out as a favourable destination for offshoring. Some benefits of offshoring however includes convenience in the setting up of a given business as all the registration and other related activities will be carried out in compliance with the rules and regulations and tax policies of the country where the business will operate from. Concessions and other benefits that an investor gets when operating from a ‘tax haven’ will help to reap better profits sooner.

Today there are different ways one can make their money grow and make it earn for them. However, some avenues are risky and one might end up losing more than they win or earn. For that reason, it is necessary that one looks at the different categories of financial products in the market and decide which instruments would be safe to invest in and whether one would like to risk a bit more in expectation of greater returns within a shorter time period.
Banking products
For most people banks seem to provide the safe haven that can keep their money safe and provide the interest that can help to grow their money to a certain extent. There are safe financial solutions like fixed deposits, recurring deposits and others which are instruments by which one can gain growth in their funds by keeping the funds for a certain amount of time. Many banks like the wealth management bank organizations offer many more solutions by which people can store and churn their money in profitable ways.
Market investments
As banks cannot offer interest amounts and growth in fund beyond a certain level, market instruments offer the next level of opportunity for people to gain higher returns on their funds. Many market instruments like shares, stocks, bonds and others are great for getting higher returns on one’s capital invested though the risks involved are greater in most of these products as compared to wealth management bank products.
Insurance products
Insurance products have evolved in different categories and are considered lucrative forms of investment as well. Many insurance products are market linked and provide greater returns within a shorter time frame. As these products usually include insuring the life of a person or any other asset this also proves advantageous in securing one’s future or the future of a loved one against the uncertainties of life. Many insurance products are sold by different financial firms and even by banks and this need to be studied carefully at the time of taking up an insurance product. Finding a reliable brand or financial organization’s product is also important.
Real estate, gold and more
There are other ways one can invest their money in and see it grow. For instance, real estate is a good form of investment, though the returns take long to materialize. However, real estate investment firms offer wide choice of properties to invest their clients which offer lucrative returns in the form of rent or sale prices. Gold investments are also seen to be stable and lucrative as it helps to hedge against uncertainties in the money market. These options can be explored when one wishes to safeguard their money and to grow their assets in the form of real estate ownership, gold owned and to have higher asset value in the future.

If you are looking out to make an investment property is always the best and the safest choice. Having said that, it does not mean that one can just choose the first apartment that happens to be up for sale and expect it to be an investment of some sort.
When choosing the kind of JLT apartments for sale one will generally be looking at three kinds, the apartment only and in some cases the owners prefer to sell their semi furnished or sometimes fully furnished apartment for a price percentage above market value.
When you are looking into the number of apartments for sale, the first thing you will have to consider is location. You will have to decide right at the onset which area you will prefer to have your investment located.

The location of the apartment you are looking to buy has a direct effect on how you investment grows over a period of time. If you choose to buy the said apartment in an area where it is easily accessible and the land value seems to be on a constant rise, there is a good chance that if you should choose to sell the apartment at any time in the near or distant future, you will be able to get back how much you spent for it in the beginning plus a massive profit margin, since the land value has in fact increased.
The next area you will need to look into will be the amenities that surround the area you are looking to purchase your apartment in. this will typically include bus stations, train stations, schools, hospitals or medical centres and so on. You will also need to have a look around and make sure the areas surrounding the building its self are reputed for being safe and homely and will therefore be yet another selling point that you can play on when the time comes to sell off the building and regain the capital as well as the capital amount.
Another area that you will definitely need to look into will be getting an inspection done in the place before you make your final offer or make the purchase. By doing this you will be fully aware of what areas you will need to repair and if there are damages which cannot be seen to the naked eye, carrying out an inspection of this kind will serve you well. And if everything mentioned above has been looked into, you can then go forward and make your offer on the place.

The shifting workplace is as much strenuous a work as shifting houses. You not only take all necessary office stuff to another place, but also you have to prepare your mind to function properly in a whole new place. So, shifting workplace involves both mental and physical strain and much more.
Plan the whole process beforehand
Once you decide to shift your workplace to elsewhere, you need to chart a few things out. Otherwise, the whole job of shifting can turn out to be a sheer mess. If you think that you can win the battle without planning beforehand, you are tremendously wrong and are sure to face disasters. Moreover, a well thought out plan will help you save a lot of time. This is what all office movers do extremely well to make their task hassle free and less time consuming.
Take help of packers and movers
There are a few situations when you can take up the task to be done all by yourself and those are
• You have a lot of time for the shifting job to be done.
• Your workplace is smaller with less or fewer items to shift to the new place.
• You have strong and reliable helping hand to support you in the whole task.
Apart from the above-mentioned situations you better not take the responsibility of shifting solely on yourself. Rather, take help of office movers in Dubai who will get this job done for you.
Useful tips for you
The shifting workplace is not at all an easy work and it truly needs much carefulness. If you do not engage any shifters you must be far more careful. Wrap small fragile items in bubble wrap to avoid breakage. Other small items like pen, pen stands, clips, pins etc. can be carried in zipping locks. Heavy work items like computers, printers, etc. can be moved through crates. Cartons can also be used to move other useful items like calculators, books, files and many more. Make a list of which items are being shifted in which boxes to keep your post-shift tasks easier. No matter how excited you might be, it is practically impossible to unpack and arrange everything immediately as soon as you reach.
The new workplace must be painted and cleaned well before the activity of shifting the old workplace to the new location takes place. Plan beforehand where to keep which necessary or less necessary items in the new place. Also, plan how to beautify the place and make it more attractive to grab the attention of your clients. If the new place is pretty and comfortable the workers will work more happily as well as efficiently.

There is no doubt that you would need to buy the peripheral accessories once you start using your new computer. There are different types of accessories that you will need as you make use of the computer. You might face with the shortage of printing ink or might have a problem with your keyboard or would need a replacement for your mouse. Hence, it is vital that you know about the best stores from where you will be able to buy the computer accessories and other peripheral device accessories easily and at affordable prices.
Buying online
It is the time and the age of the internet and people these days buy everything from clothes to groceries to jewelry to electronic gadgets from an online store. The art of shopping and the world of marketing have seen a whirlwind change with the introduction of internet shopping. There are many popular brick and mortar stores selling all kinds of goods who have also turned to the digital marketing concept and have started to sell the products and services online. Online shopping is both convenient for the seller as well as the buyer. You can find thousands and thousands of online stores in your region. There will be no shortage of computer accessories and peripheral stores online to buy products like toner cartridges, mouse pads, hard disks, etc. online.
Saves time and money
The best advantage of shopping at an online store is that you will save a lot of money as well as your time when shopping for your favorite products or services. You need not have to venture in the sun or wait in long queues to pay your bills for your purchase. You can just sit in the comforts of your home and browse through the different products on sale online and choose the one that you want. All the items will be delivered at your doorstep. You can buy your computer peripheral products like toner cartridges, pen drives, USB cable, etc., at any time of the day or night at your own convenience.
Shop wisely
The one thing that you need to be careful of while shopping online is to choose the right shop to buy your electronic products online.
• There will be many shops that claim to offer reliable services, but in reality do not offer quality services.
• You should cross check the certification of the website that you are interested in by browsing it.
• Check for the terms and policies of the site and find out if the store will replace any of the defective products that you receive or has a cash return policy, if you do not like the product delivered to you. Link here for more information about other products they offer online.
A little bit of research on the internet will help you to find the ideal online store to shop for any of the computer peripherals and accessories that you want.

The special day where you legally bind yourself to your significant other amidst acclamations from your peers and blood relations is day where almost everyone dreams of having as a perfect and wonderful day. But for those who have already gone through the ordeal would know that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding day, ever. Even the smallest mistake can become marginally embossed for you on a day that you want to be happy and have everything in order. Here are some of the more common mistakes by the blushing brides that will end up creating a butterfly effect.● Not putting your guests comfort into priority list
While your friends and family will go through a battlefield to see you two put on rings and have a happy time, it cannot be said for the rest of guests who are somewhat marginally connected to you and are making time and effort to attend your wedding out of courtesy and well wishes.
Make sure that the venue is not too far off from where the majority lives and also be sure to provide transport and enough parking spaces for all those who are driving.
● The wedding planner
This job has even gone out to the Hollywood theatre with movies and books about how to be a wedding planner and how to be a bad wedding planner. But most of the brides go for a day hire or a week before hire instead of keeping a planner throughout the whole ceremony. While this could most likely be due to the high cost of hiring one, it is still a mandatory position to be present next to you the day before your wedding as it is the twenty four hours of errors and mistakes. Most of the brides end up sorting out orders, spreadsheets and sitting orders instead of being with family on the last hours of being single.
● The wedding car
One of the more important notions of a wedding ceremony is the car you two will use to drive off into the sunset. While most people go for a limousine or a even fancier hummer limo there are some who do not have that luxury. In those cases make sure to have a regular car all pimped up to go for giggles and laughs instead of admiration and envy from the crowd.
Whether going for a Dubai hummer limo or a fancy looking regular car, make sure to keep the driver posted of the exact timing and keep a secondary person in touch to get everything sorted at the end of the ceremony.
While a wedding ceremony s a happy occasion, there is a lot of thought and effort to make it seem as smooth as possible for those in the audience. So make sure to double and triple check everything and keep a friend as an assistant for you the day before and after the wedding.

If you have waited all your life, to possess your dream home, it can be stressful and might cause you to make a wrong decision, by the emotional behavior. Even the real estate business experts, tend to make mistakes and feel nervous, while selecting their dream home. However, here are some tips to make the right decision, keeping aside your emotions:
• Do not pay excessive
Paying excessive just because you admire the residential properties for the sake of your emotions is not at all a smart move. In case you are purchasing the ones at the peak, you are supposed to pay not only the premiums, but to possess the assets, which have already experienced growth in the successive years. On the contrary, it is always better to get hold of an asset, which will experience growth in relatively slower rate, in the coming years.
• Do not expect too much
In general, investing in real estate is considered to be a safer option compared to the other forms of investments. But, it is not always right to assume, that the value of your precious possession will grow dramatically in the upcoming years. This is a trap, which might lead you to unanticipated risks, in the future.
With the passage of time, the value of an asset generally rises steadily. But, there might be a situation, when it might not rise at all. Do not expect too much, from your investment, unless you keep conducting a thorough market research all the time. In fact, researching helps an individual, to foresee the future, and invest in properties, which are likely to achieve significant growth in the upcoming years.
• Not being emotionally connected with the assets
This is another problem, which is often experienced by the real estate investors. The job of an agent is to make you fall in love with the house. It is very crucial, to analyze every single detail before putting in your money, rather than simply falling in love with the home. In case you find yourself incapable of this task, you may hire the professional evaluators or the developers to prepare a report, which will bring all the aspects into your consideration.
• Do not take the plunge right away
Just because you have sufficient money to make an investment, does not necessarily mean you will have to do it right away. If you have waited all your life for this, take some more time to find the right asset, which will turn out to be rewarding in the future.
One must also avoid the baits of been attracted by cheap investment opportunity. These might not be worthwhile all the time. So, reconsider your decision, before you take the plunge.

Having a wedding today in this contemporary society means that you need to save up at least two paychecks in a western country, while you have to save up half your life’s salaries in the Asian region. It is an expensive activity if you plan on entertaining more than enough share of people for one day just for the sake of their views on you. While it is not a bad idea if you want to have your fairytale dream day by saving money, there are some who take alternative routes; like the couple who ran off to Alaska to enjoy their honeymoon with wedding money who took breathtaking photos and created lifelong memories.
1. The ring is not the main point
While there is an old saying about girls and diamonds, it is not the case today. Diamonds are hard to afford and at times you get duped. Talk with your significant other, and in most cases they do not want you spending all your earning for a stone that is only a single colour.
Go for alternative stones or just metal with a cool design from his or her favourite movie or drama. This will show your sentiment better than a clear cut diamond someone else will also be wearing.
2. The dress and suit
Renting bridal dresses and tuxedos are the best if you are not planning on keeping it tucked away at a corner somewhere after the big day, you will not get to wear it again unless for Halloween or giving it away to your daughter.
If you are a sentimental person and would like to keep the dress you wore on your big day, try second hand dresses. In most cases the bridal dresses were worn for a couple of hours or a single day.
3. Cut costs on the ceremony
The venue, food, entertainment and the number of guests can be cut down to hold up only your most important people. You do not have to invite one hundred and fifty people who will eat twice their weight and then dance away.
Limiting it to important people is the best bet as you will keep hanging onto them in your life and also the memories you will remember ten years down the road will be of them.
The big day of your life does not have to drain your finances to the point where the life after the big day is limited to noodle packets. Go for a good budget and cut costs on propaganda that will not be worth it ten years from that day.

After a huge investment on your new luxurious property, it becomes essential to keep it under well maintenance. Maintenance not only helps in restoring the beauty, but also ensures the property remains sparkling for years. While upgrading or refurbishing takes place, things that need to be focused more are interior and exterior of the wall paints, flooring and the windows/ doors. The spacious kitchen, bathroom as well as your lavish queen bedrooms and dashing drawing room all require a new spark during remodeling. Let’s find out how polishing of marble will help you to achieve that:
Preserving the unique beauty
Marble flooring is undeniably greatest addition in any property. Needless to say, you have invested a lot while installing marble floors all over the house. However, with time when the marble starts losing its shine and beauty, you should go for marble tile polishing to preserve the beauty. The costly marbles can bring back the high end remodeling and grabs the attention of the visitors.
Increasing the durability
The marble tile polishing will help you to extend the durability of the marbles. Polishing of marbles also helps in removing the scratches, fading as well as the stains. In high traffic space, i.e. entrance of the house, you should cover the pricy marble tiles with countertops to protect its quality. Regular maintenance also helps to avoid cracks and scratches. You should go for polishing once every year to retain the quality and charm of the marbles.
Minimizing the cost of replacement
Along with periodic maintenance, marble polishing helps in minimizing the cost of replacement. How? Well, if you don’t take much care of the tiles, within few years you might need to change it because of its gloomy appeal. Cracks, dents and scratches are quite common and can only be kept under control with regular maintenance.
No chemical damage
Marble polishing is considered to be the safest method of cleaning and polishing the expensive marbles instead of using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can damage the originality of the tiles and make it look dull. So, take the help of best method for your home beautification and restoration.
Always look for skilled and highly experienced professionals, who can perform the task with efficacy. Overall designing and polishing tasks are undertaken by the professionals in a methodical way. The workers use technology to handle such tasks and make your bathroom and kitchen look smarter. Also, if you are planning to sell your property then such polishing will undoubtedly increase the economic value of the property. You can expect to get more than its value only by restoring the floors, walls and electrical fixtures.

For the do-it-yourself people out there who like to feel earth under their fingers, their gardens are a primary source of relaxation and stress relief. And for those who like gardening or make time to fix up the yard, Spring is an important season of having your work paid off. Usually the preparation for seeing those beautiful blooms must be started in end of winter after snow and ice has broken. Here are some tips to give you an easier time in doing the hard work.
i. Start clearing last year’s things and add that deep brown fertilizer
While Spring cleaning indoors, the same practise must be applied outdoors too to initiate the prepping of the garden for the anticipated blooming. Clear off dead plants, weeds, yellowed branches and leaves from your plants. You can add these things to your homemade ongoing compost project or natural fertilizer creation. Link here to gain information about the range of landscape services to cater to your needs.
After removing anything on the surface, try not to turn over soil too much but take a tiller and try to soften the earth to defrost quickly and create air circulation within earth. Add fertilizer and manure to softened earth and annual rainfall and earthworms will make sure it goes deep into the soil to enrich it. After adding fertilizer then cover the ground with mulch so it is not left bare for dry winter winds.
If you do not want to touch manure then you can try planting a cover crop like winter rye to provide the essential nutrients and oxygen into the soil. If you are planting a cover crop you need to water it even during winter to help bacteria with the breakdown process.
ii. Start pruning and clearing paths
Once the weather starts warming up enough for you to spend long hours at the garden, try trimming the hedge and evergreen trees in your garden. Some evergreens actually require you to prune them during winter so that the new growth process is kick started in spring. Take some time to clear up the paths and driveways of your garden from any debris and dirt that is brought in from the snow and ice. Ask for the services of landscape companies if you are not used to getting your hedge straight.
iii. Pick your bulbs and prep them
Once supermarkets starts putting up seeds and bulbs in their garden section then it is time for you go buy them there or online. Pick a range of colours to suit the garden and the colour palette of your house and try out herbs and medicinal plants too. After bringing them home plant the seeds or bulbs in small natural containers to avoid slug and snail action of planting outside; you can use eggshells (good for seeds and small seedlings), egg cartons and newspaper pots. Once the budding action is starting you can transfer the natural containers straight into soil as it will degrade on its own and add some nutrients in the wake too. You can try changing the layout of your garden before planting by consulting and getting advice from landscape companies Dubai.
iv. Take care of plants until they bloom or grow healthy
Water and sunlight are essential for your newly born plants so water them early morning or in the evening. Also constant pruning is necessary for some flowering plants to keep blooming so take out browned flowers and throw them into the compost bin for next Spring. Make sure pests, pets and insects stay out by using natural deterrents. You can use some strong smellers like coffee and plastic forks embedded upright on beds to keep away most pets, pick off snails and slugs off in the dark or early morning from your plants, use soap spray or charcoal to deter climbing onto plants.
The season of new life bring hope for a gorgeous garden and free time, so make sure to prep beforehand to get the largest blooms and healthiest fruits and vegetables.

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