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Unsatisfactory customer service is not a new phenomenon. Everyone has experienced less than satisfying customer experience. The barista who got the order wrong to the sales representative who provided incorrect information on a purchase not only causes inconvenience on a personal note but tends to disrupt the systems in place that would usually have kept the process smooth. This raises the question of whether these systems and processes are effective and garners optimum results.

More often than not, customer service failure occurs because of disconnection within departments and this is typically preventable. As a customer, a disorganized approach equals loss of credibility for the company and this can be a potential loss to the business.

The ability to provide good customer experience requires support between three crucial departments: sales, marketing and customer service. Due to complex structures, larger organizations often struggle to achieve this. The key to overcoming this is by reducing any uncertainty between the departments by establishing clear and unified goals, roles and effective communication.

Step 1: Evaluate Existing Processes

Assessing key weaknesses is the best way to begin establishing rules for improvement. This Step helps capture a holistic viewpoint of the systems and processes in place and evaluate its ability to effectively meet and even surpass customer’s expectations. A helpful method of identifying these gaps and providing an effective way of tackling them is by using a GRID survey. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of a team’s performance when working between departments. In fact, the GRID survey not only helps gauge the discrepancies but it helps identify the areas where improvement is required.

Step 2: Creating a Collaborative Culture

It is vital that leaders enable their teams to form and embrace a collaborative culture, bridging the gaps identified in Step 1. The foundation to collaboration is the development of inter-team relationships and the establishment of trust between team members. The challenges faced are especially unique as it is an on-going effort. The best way to establish a foundation of trust and encourage effective communication is through corporate team building activities. Team leaders should also clarify decision-making authority and use performance management systems to support the shared results. Collaborative tools in conjunction with regular corporate team building activities is a step towards meeting customer’s expectations of satisfactory service.

Step 3: Determine Service Level Agreements to Measure Goals

Identifying gaps and setting a foundation of collaboration will now allow the organization to begin cultivating an effective holistic process. By creating SLAs for teams within the sales, marketing, and customer service departments, team Leaders can set well-defined, timely goals. The Service Level Agreement helps describe the goals for each team and team member alike and through regular reviews, progress can be identified and feedback discussed to better the process all the more.

The use of the above steps as a framework will allow departments to function seamlessly. This in turn will result in a smoother and more satisfying experience for customers.

If you’re a businessman looking for an investment opportunity, you are in for some news. You now have the choice of starting up a new venture in United Arab Emirates. There are many options for you to choose from. Of the many locations you have the opportunity to establish your business in any of the free trade zones in UAE. If you are planning to set up the business in UAE, you may need to clarify information regarding property, rules and regulations, licenses etc. There are many reliable websites, which offer free consultancy services to enquire about the procedures of starting a business. These services are highly recommended for businessmen, before planning to invest in a new trade.

You will be able to examine a number of great options and have the benefit of being assisted step-by-step. The businesses in the free trade zone in UAE are granted many advantages such as obtaining general licenses, providing warehouse facilities, visa for shareholders, exemption from taxes and many more. However, these options and benefits from one zone to another. Some of the free trade zones in UAE are listed below:

Creative city

Also known as the Fujairah freezone, is a trade zone especially for media and communication sectors. If you are planning to set up a consultancy agency, a business in the field on design, etc. there are certain requirements and benefits in this free trade zone. These include granting access to the free trade zone business center in Dubai, for UAE nationals NOC is not required, you aren’t required to do an annual audit, pay a share capital, while the license is given only to six shareholders.Meydan free trade zone

As an expat, you have the option of investing in this freezone with a complete ownership of the business. The taxes are relived for 50 years, for both personal and corporate taxes. There’s a complete guarantee of returning 100 percent of the capital back to your country. Of all the free trade zones Meydan is the most minimum expensive in Dubai. Suitable for businessman interested in setting up freelancing and small ventures available with only flexi-desks. The three licenses granted are for consulting, commercial and media.


The Ajman free trade zone is situated close to Dubai and Sharjah. It is an access point to both the international airports. Businessmen who wish to establish small or medium scales companies have the opportunity to invest.

The benefits of investing in this free trade zone is due to the exemptions for import and export duties, has the least tariff, 40 years of tax free and customs free opportunities, accessibility to a large work force is available and many more. The licenses are issued for trading, industries and businesses. Property, offices, and warehouses are offered in this zone.

These are some of the main benefits and offers you can gain, by investing in the free trade zones in UAE.

A television interview should be conducted precisely, leaving no room for any error. Television interviews reveal emotion, structure and content. To carry out an interview, one must prepare him/herself beforehand and a range of factors must be considered in this stance. There is more to a television interview than just asking good open-ended questions which will bring out compelling answers. The success of a great interview lies in how well the video is composed.

Depending on the person who is going to be interviewed, the location must be selected carefully. Look for somewhere interesting and relevant such as a playground for a sportsman, a kitchen for a chef or a school for a teacher. Although better results are supposed to be achieved on locations, studios are considered to be well-catered for intellectuals discussing abstract topics. Besides, studios are quiet, free of disturbances and acoustically neutral. This makes it easier to concentrate on the interview. Let’s have a look at the following factors that should be looked into when interviewing a person inside a television studio.
Lighting is an essential part of videography. Studio lighting Dubai can describe a situation or character, hide and enhance a person or an object and give definition to a program. Setting up the perfect lighting conditions for the interview should not be overlooked as it adds more depth and perspective whilst illuminating emotions of people.
The audience is able to see where the interview is taking place through the setup of studio lighting. Shadows distract and confuse the viewer. Therefore, make sure to place the brightest light source facing the subject/s.
Shot Composition
Compose the shots you intend to use throughout the interview. Focus more on medium shots where there is head room above the subject. Try to shoot closer from time to time to establish context. Follow the golden rule of television where the subject’s eyes meet the horizontal line on top towards the left or right end. It is very difficult to make the viewer visualize what is seen on TV in 3D format. Try out different angles to create the sense of depth that is needed.
Audio set up
Capturing the audio of the interview is equally important as capturing the images. Position the microphones close to the subject and test them before you begin shooting. Monitor the volume levels and adjust it to a medium to avoid the popping sound.Likewise, if you arrange the interview well, it will turn out excellent. Take measures to uphold the quality of the video and audio you capture in the interview, at all times.

Are you planning on taking your longtime crush on a date? That certainly has to be exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. The first date will say a lot about who you are, so it’s important that you make a good impression. Therefore, we will help you plan the ideal day and you can guarantee a second date will be coming your way. Let’s get started!

Cocktails and beers all the way

You haven’t had the opportunity to get to know this person well enough, so play it safe and suggest a quiet night of cocktails and background jazz music. You can’t go wrong with that; who doesn’t love to drink and listen to a beautiful melody. The best part about this idea is that during first dates you’re most likely going to be a bit nervous. Therefore, having a few mojitos will lighten the mood and help you be a bit more comfortable. However, keep in mind not to overdo it, you don’t want to be passing out; that won’t be a very good first impression.

Take a Walk

This will genuinely turn out to be more fun than it sounds. The reason is that, most often on dates you have to dress up and most likely be in a restaurant with a bunch of other couples. Hence, you don’t get the privacy you want and you find yourself being rather stiff. Therefore, take her out for a walk to a peaceful area, where you either can sit on a bench overlooking a lake or perhaps stop for some ice cream during your walk; this will give you a better chance to get to know each other. Save the extravagant plans for later!

Make it a Triple Date

The standard plans for any date is usually to go for a movie and some dinner; this idea is getting so predictable. Hence, it’s to be more creative! Perhaps go for a music festival, take a hike or grab yourselves a few Barcelona football tickets; that would certainly be something new and turn out to be more fun than the usual dinner date. The best part about having friends around is that it takes away some of the first date jitters and allows you to let loose so that you can be yourself.

Do something out of the Ordinary

Ask your date what they would like to do and come up with something you both will enjoy. It’s certainly a very gentleman like quality to have flowers at the door step and plan a candlelit dinner, but isn’t it so much better to do something fun? You may even find that you have the same likes and dislikes; jackpot! Is she a Tom Starkes fan or rather football in general? Why not surprise her with Bayern Munich tickets or Arsenal FC tickets? Perhaps take a stroll through an aquarium; even if you experience any awkward silence, seeing the sharks will make up for that. It certainly sounds like a date to remember!

Whether you decide to do something adventurous or stay in and explore your cooking skills; there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Play video games, have some wine and listen to music, it doesn’t always have to be over the top. The first date does give you the ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling, but considering the following tips, it will certainly be the most fun.

When you are going to have a bathroom renovation or planning to have the new interior decoration for your bathroom, you need to keep some points in mind. As you are spending the entire amount of money on a single reason and thinking solely of your bathroom – you must have the perfect knowledge of trendy plans as well as renovation ideas. The decoration of bathroom is different from all other rooms in the house.
Here are the tips for you that will help you in making no mistake while decorating the bathroom of your house. These tips will help you to décor your bathroom in a stylish way.
• Avoid buying every single item: In the era of technology, you need not go out for every single article required for the decoration or renovation. Online stores are awaiting your purchase with the best deals and countless items. Curtains, bath salts, body wash, shower screens, bath tubs, tiles and any other article – you want for the bathroom decoration , are present here for 24/7 a week.
• Check online stores – If you find that you are not getting enough time to go for shopping after your office, it is not a serious matter at all. Visit the online stores whenever you like and buy as much as you want. Suppose you are buying the Dubai Curtains from the online stores, you are free to get thousands of options in every price range. Choose your favourite ones and pay after you get the delivery at your doorstep.
• Make the bathroom floor less glossy: When you are planning to choose the tile for the bathroom floor, make sure that they are not glossy. The glossy ones are always slippery. Your life is at stake in such glossy bathroom floor especially if you find water on them. The older people at home can be more in problem with it. So choose the matte finished tiles and a little rough surface of the same.
• Examine the bathtub: When you are purchasing the bathtub, you must buy it with the proper observation. The size of the bathroom at your place will determine the type of bathtub to be chosen. Sit down or lie on the bathtub and check the flexibility before you buy it. Otherwise, it may turn out to be wastage of time and money. Small bathtubs are for your small bathroom and the larger ones for the big bathrooms. Choose the bathtubs accordingly and make your bathroom look perfect.

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